What Kind of Slots to Choose?

Although, at first glance casino slot games are very simple to play the difficulty can appear while choosing slot machine. Earlier it was much easier as there was only one slot machine the Liberty Bell. To play this type of machine one should insert coins, pull the lever, cross his fingers and win.

Nowadays there exist so many kinds of slots that sometimes it is hard to decide what you are looking for. Besides that, the choice of casino slot games can have influence on the winning so, it is better to get acquainted with the main kinds of slots before starting playing.

Types of Gamble Slots

There are a few classifications of slots depending on what features are prerogative.

  • It will be honest to start with the first three reel machines that became classics nowadays. Three reeled machine has 3 columns of symbols and usually 3 rows, however, not all three rows are pay lines. In the most cases only central row gives symbols that consider the winning.
  • The next generation of slots introduced five reeled machines that look like three reel slots but have 5 columns. Some five reel slots have multiple pay lines so, it is important to pay attention to the number of them. Generally, it isn't necessary to get 5 of the same symbols to win the prize. The pay line starts on the row from the left side, so, it is enough to get 3 the same symbols on the left to become a winner. Of course, 5 the same symbols in a pay line promise a great sum of money, for this reason 5 reel slots are more popular with players who desire to get big jackpots.
  • The advanced variation of slot machines is video slots that captured casinos. As they are controlled automatically there a lot of unique options available. Video slots can have more than 5 pay lines which can be not only rows but other configurations. One specific feature that makes video slots more attractive is the function of wild cards. It means that certain symbol can complete the winning combination although it is not of the same picture. Moreover, online video slots propose a number of bonuses.
  • Bonus slots can offer the bonus game, extra free spins or to win jackpot. It is considered to be more thrilling and is more popular with players.
  • Multi spin video slots allow the player to spin the reels a definite number of attempts without pushing any more buttons. Slots reels spin, stop and in case of winning it is added to the player' balance. This option gives the opportunity to gamble more than just one machine at the same time.
  • Multiplier slots, which can be found almost in every casino, offer different payouts that depend on the number of inserted cash. Bonus multiplier slots propose extra bonuses when the maximum number of coins is inserted.
  • Progressive online jackpot slots due to being connected through the Internet accumulate a huge jackpot until it is won.