One Play Strategy

If you aren't professional online casino cheater, you are probably aware of the fact that there is no way to beat the house edge playing slots.

You need good strategies and lots of luck to win the game, yes, but some people believe there is more to it.

There is a slots system called 'One Play', and those people believe it's capable of above-mentioned job.

About 'One Play'

Using this strategy, or a slot system, you can play on any slot machine, but you have to use the maximum numbers of coins. For example, if you win in your first spin playing maximum amount, you should stay there and wager your winnings. In case you don't win in those spins, you have to go to the next slot.

However, if you lose your first spin, you should go to the next slot right away, and so on. The system is trying to separate 'hot' machines from the 'cold' ones. It can actually be fun to try, if you are interested in trying something new. Who knows what can happen? Is it possible to beat the house edge?

Actually, there is no much logic in the presumption that the machine is 'hot' just because you won once. The same thing could of happened on the machine next to yours.

Why would you presume that you couldn't win in the second spin just because you lost the first one?