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Slots history dates back to the end of XIX century, when Charles Fey invented the first prototype of slot machines, which attracted lots of players. That machine was very similar to the traditional slots which have physical reels. It had different symbols, combination of which gave players the possibility to hit a prize, which today is known as jackpot. But at times of the first slot machine these prizes were food or free drinks, so people played not for the winning, but for having fun. The pioneer slot machines were placed in pubs, bars and other entertaining establishments. Today slots are mostly located at casinos, or places which have permission for conducting gambling games.

It is difficult to believe, but there existed only one of modern well-known types of slots - Liberty Bell. Today this type is considered to be a traditional slot machine, which is usually chosen by players, who prefer original games, not their variations. But for all others there are so many types of slot machines to choose, that it is even difficult to decide what game to play today, and what will be better to enjoy tomorrow. There are games, which have different numbers of reels and paylines, games which offer jackpots and games with high payouts, themed games and games with traditional fruit symbols. First of all you should decide what is really important for you – to play beautiful games with fantastic graphics and animation or game where you may be concentrated at the gaming process. Besides, it will be better to decide whether you want to hit a jackpot or no.

If you play slot machine professionally, use your chance to play at slot machine tournaments, as only there you can show everyone that you are really master of the game. You can take part at any slot machine tournament, but the easiest way is to apply to online casinos, as in most of them these competitions are hold regularly. In most cases you will need to get registered at casino and even make some deposits, so before you decide to apply at one of the gambling houses, make sure, that there is no option on tournaments at the casino you’ve got used to play.

If you have never played slot online – this is a great chance to start gambling right now. After the process of computerizing started slots online appeared and gave the game the second breath. So do not miss a chance to plunge into the brightest emotions!

Top Casino

Online Casino Bonus Review
Go Casino Casino €300 Go Casino Casino
Win Palace Casino $800 Win Palace Casino
Club USA Casino $400 Club USA Casino
Online Vegas Casino $150 Online Vegas Casino
Las Vegas USA Casino €100 Las Vegas USA Casino
Rome Casino €200 Rome Casino
Rushmore Casino $500 Rushmore Casino
Cherry Red Casino $700 Cherry Red Casino
Slots Oasis Casino $175 Slots Oasis Casino
Slots Plus USA Casino $900 Slots Plus USA Casino

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Slots jackpots are available to meet even at online casino today: choose progressive slots or take part in free slot tournament to have a chance of winning big money.

Slots tournaments can be met in every online casino and they are usually free for gamblers to participate. Here you can also learn how to win at slot machines.

Remember that no strategy works for slots though they exist of course. Find out how random number generator works in order to understand the whole system.